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The Path to Sustainable Future

We are committed to equipping farmers with the tools and products they need to improve soil health.  Building a foundation of regenerative health in the soil profile allows us to continue to grow crops and sustain water consumption for generations to come. We are proud to present a permanent solution that will allow growers the ability to control the levels necessary on a per block basis.

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Innovation - Driven Solutions

By setting long term goals of controlling their inputs, farmers are able to make daily and weekly adjustments to reduce crop stress due to unbalanced nutrient application.

Natural Soil Balance = Crop Uniformity

Topsoil Ag Solutions uses a unique blend of worm castings, Humic acid, and Compost Tea, along with cutting edge field sensor technology to create a regenerative balance of beneficials in the soil profile. 


Data-Powered Agriculture

We are able to provide growers with accurate, real-time data about nitrogen, potassium, plant growth, water, VFT, weather, moisture, pressure, and more on our suite of sensors 

Next Generation Technologies

Our growers are now able to monitor the health of their soil and make informed application decisions by the time they finish their morning cup of coffee. Soil monitoring technology has been the missing piece 


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A Farming Legacy

Our founder, Matt Willems, a 4th generation California farmer, began his farming career with blueberries.



Soil Problems

The soil on Matt's farmland (along with many other California farms) begins developing nematodes and other soil related problems.

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