Equipment Rentals


Light Towers

Put your work in its best light. Whether working in construction, mining, oil & gas or the rental markets, you want jobsite lighting that will not fail you when you need it most. You're looking for reliability, service, support and no excuses. Allmand understands that there are no off hours - you can trust our best-in-class light towers to maximize your jobsite and keep it running all through the night. 

Portable Lights

Let your productivity shine. Allmand® portable lights help your workers produce their highest quality work in concrete finishing, paving, masonry, roofing, excavating, mining, refineries, quarries, demolition, waterfronts, training sites and special events. Extremely reliable, long lasting and rugged - our portable jobsite lights deliver the light you need even in the most demanding conditions.



Keep working - no matter what. Allmand® mobile generators provide the reliable source of power you need. With our focus on extreme reliability backed by unmatched service and support, Allmand portable generators will keep any jobsite powered so you can get the project done on time and on budget.